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1. Why does the Margin Tee remain in the ground?

The Margin Tee holder anchors into the ground extremely well due to its design and geometry. The effective retention of the Margin Tee holder will vary from user to user as it is influenced by various factors such as ground conditions, swing shape, club selection, swing speed, ball contact, number of balls hit in a row and more. The Margin Tee has been tested with various people of all abilities/skillset and was found to perform with each person, noting slightly different experiences with each person. In several testing scenarios the best performance experienced from the Margin Tee was hitting 100 balls in a row without adjustment.


2. Will ground conditions affect the Margin Tee?

The Margin Tee holder's effective ability to anchor into the ground may be influenced by the ground conditions, for example, factors such as soil density, soil type, soil moisture content, ground maintenance, weather conditions and more may influence the effort required to push the Margin Tee holder into the ground and or the amount of anchorage the holder has in the soil. The Margin Tee has been tested in a variety of different soil conditions over each season and has performed throughout this testing, noting slightly different experiences with varying ground conditions. 


3. Do the flexible tees of the Margin Tee need to be replaced?

Yes, over time the tee will eventually split as it experiences wear from use. We recommend users regularly inspect their tee and replace as required. Should the tee split it can be removed and replaced with a new tee. If the tee splits inside the holder and is flush with the top plate it can be removed, please see the below for a video demonstration of this.

How To Remove Split Tees