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How It Works

The Margin Tee is comprised of a tee holder and flexible golf tee. The Margin Tee is for use at grass driving ranges with Drivers and Woods.

The design of the Margin Tee holder combined with the flexible tee means that you no longer have to continually pick up your tee and reset it after you strike the ball. It remains in place after continual ball strikes, with the flexible tee returning to an upright position ready for the next ball.


• The arrows on the top plate of the holder must face the direction of the intended target

• Push the holder into the ground by using your hand or foot, ensuring the top plate is level with the ground

• Screw the tee into the holder to the desired height

• To remove from the holder from the ground, pull the flexible tee in an upward direction

• Unscrew the tee from the holder in preparation for the next use