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Intellectual Property


Australian Patent No. 2020102187

Chinese Patent No. ZL 2021217170448

United States of America Patent Application No. 17/386250

United Kingdom Patent Application No. 2110386.6



Australian Registered Design No. 202014252

New Zealand Registered Design No. 428355

European Registered Community Design No. 008319420-0001

Chinese Registered Design No. ZL 202130035905.3

United States of America Registered Design No. D 996,541

Indian Registered Design No. 337793-001

United Kingdom Registered Design No. 90083194200001



"MARGIN" is a Registered Trademark within Australia

The MG logo is a filed trademark within Australia

"MARGIN" is filed under the International Register of Marks maintained under the Madrid Agreement and Protocol

"MARGIN" has been filed/designated in the USA under the Madrid Protocol